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Grandfather Mountain North Carolina
Grandfather Mountain North Carolina is one of the most visited attractions in all of the High Country Mountains. Widely recognized for its unique rugged peaks that resemble an old man lying down, Grandfather Mountain in Linville North Carolina is heaven on Earth for naturalists and a wonderful family attraction.

One of only 529 internationally recognized biosphere reserves (designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Grandfather Mountain North Carolina had the distinction of being the only privately owned preserve. However, in 2008, the State of North Carolina purchased the property from the late Hugh Mortonís family. Morton, whose grandfather had originally purchased the property, was an avid conservationist and a lover of the North Carolina Mountains. He refused to comprise his environmental concerns for the mountain when the Blue Ridge Parkway was built in the area, resulting in the Linville Viaduct which actually skirts the mountain. In 1952, Morton opened the mountain for hiking and added wildlife habitats and mile high swinging bridge to complete the attraction. Since then, visitors have been coming to Grandfather Mountain North Carolina to make the harrowing walk across the mile high bridge. Enjoy the views from this spectacular suspension bridge perched at 5,964 feet!

Grandfather Mountain is located off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Linville at the intersection of the Parkway and Highway 221. You can take either the Blue Ridge Parkway or local state highways to arrive at the parkís entrance. The mountain is open to visitors and hikers for an entrance fee, and upon paying the fees, visitors can travel up the scenic road to the top of mountain or begin hiking near the bottom. Grandfather Mountains 11 hiking trails vary in difficulty; some are relatively easy, while others are strenuous for more experienced hikers.

With 16 distinct ecosystems, seven environmental habitats, and over 70 rare or endangered species calling Grandfather Mountain North Carolina home, visitors will truly feel the unique nature of this special mountain. Children especially love meeting and watching the black bears, white tailed deer, bald eagles, cougars and adorable river otters.

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Here are a few other events and popular times to visit the mountain:
  • Naturalist Weekend
    A two day event featuring hiking and presentations on the flora and fauna of Grandfather Mountain.
  • Nature Photography Weekend
    Presentations from many top nature photographers Richard Bernabe, Jack Daulton, Bill Lea, Charles Needle and Nancy Rotenberg.
  • Annual Singing on the Mountain
    (fourth Sunday in June) A gospel singing and fellowship event held in MacRae Meadows hosted by the Greene family.
  • Annual Grandfather Mountain Highland Games
    The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are one of the most beloved Western NC Festivals (July 10-13). Reputed to be the best and most colorful celebration of Scottish culture in America. Events such as The Bear: Assault on Grandfather road race, The Grizzly Bike Ride, and The Grizzly Marathon (reputed to be the toughest marathon in America).
      Grandfather Mountain

    2050 Blowing Rock Highway
    Linville, NC 28646

    The name says it all. Fun stuff for kids. Guided hikes, games, storytellers and music.

  • Bridge To Bridge Incredible Challenge Bike Ride
    A grueling 102 mile bike ride which begins in Lenoir NC and culminates at the Mile High Swinging Bridge on Grandfather Mountain.

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